There is a problem at Real Madrid as head coach José Mourinho does not have a good relationship with 2 of the team leaders – Iker Cassilas and Sergio Ramos. According to some media reports, Mourinho wants Cassilas and Ramos to be sold in the summer if he is to stay at the club. What will be better for Real? Keeping Mourinho or Cassilas and Ramos?

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The players must stay as they are more committed to the club. Mourinho will be leaving and perhaps going to England.

Casillas and Ramos are the symbols of modern Real in 21st century. If this "The Special One" doesn't like them better let him go and search the "special" team for himself! 

I also agree that Real Madrid should keep Iker and Sergio rather than Mourinho who wants to be the biggest star at the club.

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