Volitional win again!

Evening on UPC-Arena started with emergency. There were problems with electricity on the stadium and due to this fact the kick-off time was delayed for 40 minutes.


Lokomotiv had taken the initiative since the first minute. Unfortunately the advantage of our team during the first minutes wasn`t converted in the goal, while Sturm had taken the advantage of their first moment. Wolf had run in the fast counterattack and passed the ball to Szabics, who didn`t give a chance to Guilherme.  


Our team was needed several minutes to balance the game. And on 28thminute Lokomotiv scored return goal. After free kick by Roman Shishkin and head strike from Dmitriy Sychev the ball jumped to Obinna`s hip after which it appeared behind the goal line. 1:1!


Just one minute after Lokomotiv scored the second goal. Glushakov kicked from 40 meters distance, the ball rebounded from the framework and Sychev by one touch hit Sturm`s goal. 2:1!


In the second half Lokomotiv was closer to the third goal, than Strurm to their second, but the result had remained the same. 2:1 – congratulations with a good start in the Europa League group stage for our team!

Sturm - Lokomotiv 1:2 (1:2)

Goals: Szabic, 14 (1:0). Obinna, 28 (1:1). Sychev, 29 (1:2).

Sturm: Cavlina, Burgstaller, Feldhoffer (Purcher, 46), Popchadze, Holzl (Kainz, 22), Standfest, Muratovic (Haas, 65), Weber, Wolf, Bodul, Szabic.

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Burlak, Durica, Shishkin, Yanbaev, Glushakov, Ibricic (Zapater, 46), Ozdoev, Sychev (Caicedo, 76), Obinna (Ignatiev, 69), Maicon.

Yellow cards: Ibricic, 18. Standfest, 74. Maicon, 76. Popkhadze, 88.

Referee: Bruno Paixao (Portugal).

15 September. Graz. UPC-arena. 13356 spectators.

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