Sevilla FC, 1; purslanes, 2. The icing was green (Google translate)

"Whoever goes wrong, just wrong." Perfect phrase for the season finale of this evil Seville will close the season next week far down the league table. Again, unfortunate investment in players who have lost what little credibility they had left. Countless were the times that Sevilla has had to re-enlist the European train, all vacant. Been saying for weeks that Sevilla does not deserve anything in this league and unfortunately, this has come to be. Time for reflection, to breathe deeply and begin to make important decisions. The first set 'to the order of YA' the name of the next coach. Look, since the end of the Sevilla-East, I traveled through the body the feeling that the time of the return of Joaquin Caparros had arrived. I honestly believe that Joaquin is around a turn to the last amount would be a step back to take a new leap forward. I think football Joaquin has great limitations, which are those that prevent the end of the season can do much more valuable. However, we doubt that the tension that gives its players (noun forgotten in this Seville), are of the category that is, not impress anyone knows better than him. In other circumstances prefer a coach who would allow us to give a qualitative jump in them, is grit your teeth, take all kinds of blushes from now, shut up and start showing that we can be proud again. Unfortunately there are more than four months to start the season 2012/2013, but more than enough time to make decisions consistent, something whose meaning we begin to forget.

On the other hand, we believe that purslane has taken its fair 'Revenge of satisfaction'. Seven years 'nursing' titles Sevilla and a relegation to the Second in 2009, is a slab to the heart very hard to bear. They did it with pride and resignation, and now back to reverse a 'NO' that killed Marcelino and motivation has become an entity that finally navigate wisely in our city. Although I always wish them the worst possible paths at the moment we can only congratulate them.

This morning, my students Javi, Sergio, Alberto and Marga, while proudly displaying their greenish-white shirt, I asked for involvement with the match result. A Javi looked into his eyes and said, "1-2. You have enough motivation to play your last big game of the season. It lacks the players face Sevilla in a while. "

It is unfortunate that this Sevilla forward so obvious.

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