Valencia 1, Sevilla, 2. Yes, the wind changed direction.

With a nod to one of his most memorable sponsors, Sevilla achieved equal to eight the number of draws, defeats and victories, leading him to occupy the bisector of the classification of the League 2011/12. What in other times would live indifferently in the temperate zone of the table, in the present becomes pure adrenaline to be a tiny difference of three points among the seven teams still by far the wake of 'escaped' Valencia. The initial target is located at three points, just one more than it was when the December 5 won 3-0 at Getafe to Luis Garcia (Day 15). It's amazing that after ten days (30 points played) and despite the lack of victories in them, the desired position has been away only a small point, which is a good example of the tremendous teams irregularity between economically 'mundane'.

The midfielders are still claiming a different Sevilla

In this no longer seems to care Sevilla get behind on the scoreboard. What until a week ago would have been synonymous with defeat, becomes at last in a circumstance of the party that may well be temporary. If Tino Costa on 25 minutes seemed to wipe out the reaction against Osasuna Sevilla lived, eleven minutes after the 'Pitbull' Medel revived the renewed vigor of a hobby Sevilla very present in the Mestalla stadium.

The Chilean mishaps showed that muscle must be of major significance for you to lose a game in the technical decision are not bound by the coach who lines. Not only drew a huge star polygon with its constant comings and goings on the grass Levantine, but also allowed head mark the goal that shattered the plan drawn up by the host of Emery, after the Argentine goal.

Sevilla was able to mark all the game times and even saw him physically better prepared than in the remaining games of the season, which always seemed short of breath with many minutes to spare. Jesus Navas's goal on 67 minutes was a clear demonstration of the willingness Sevilla to victory in a land where only the real Madrid and San Sebastian had managed to emerge victorious in a braided play in which participants correctly Negredo Rakitic, Kanoute and natural World Champion Los Palacios.

With 27 minutes remaining Sevilla learned to play his tricks without nerves, knowing at every moment to offer what the party called, each player showing a predisposition to at last accompanied the sort of victory. Palop went nowhere near the countless troubles in which he was involved Javi Varas last season in a state that launched him as one of the greatest goalkeepers of Spanish football and today I watched as unfair coaching change command. Opposite Andrew is a break with the defeatist dynamic, as the cornerstone of a change in the remaining men and Spahic, Navarro, Medel, Navas and Negredo to smile now appears the result of their efforts. Things football.

Not a few mumbled in Arabic quinielistas be let alone, supporters of our defeats. To me right now reminds me of Reflex inflammatory TV ad in which a marathon runner falls to the ground and injured his persecutors rejoice in the misfortune of the rival. When they see that you spray the painkiller savior's face symbolizes the absurdity rivals and speed their passage before reaching the goal.

It is now that the animators, who are WE @ s, we must be the last gasp of breath that pushes our 'corridor' to the finish line successfully. Fourteen games with 42 points added to the purse. Are you going to stop fighting? A Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán to overflowing on Saturday, do not think it is very much agree with that.

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